Common problems with iPhones

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Does your phone power off at 30% of power leaving you stranded? Have you lost faith in your battery?  Well, it may not be the culprit. We can test your battery for you and find out if the problem lies elsewhere. Give us a call or mail us at Does your phone or iPad type text or numbers by itself? Do you select a letter only for another to appear as if someone is ghost writing? This will be a problem with your touchscreen and needs replacing. Give us a call to sort. Does your phone or iPad refuse to charge when plugged in? Does iTunes not recognise it when plugged in? This can be due to a low grade/copy USB lead or your charge port needs changing or cleaning. Let us solve the problem for you with a phone call. We do not charge to determine the cause of the fault. Once you know the solution, you decide! Get in touch and get sorted by the experts. Tel: 01438 358357
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