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Why do I get such varied prices when I shop around for repairs?

Where original parts are used, you will get quoted higher for obvious reasons. Where copy parts are used, you will get varying degrees of quality and varying prices. Always ask about the quality of the parts used to determine whether you are getting a good deal. Smart devices are becoming more and more expensive. Your repair is deserving of good quality parts.

How can Conway Communications help us with our company mobile phone account?

We will tailor make a tariff to match your company’s needs and ensure it is managed throughout it’s tenure to avail of any further cost  reductions on offer,as opposed  to being offered a fairly attractive initial deal that doesn’t allow for any changes made within the 1/2/3 year contract period. Money will be saved at the beginning and throughout the term of the contracts.

Is it worth repairing our phones when they are broken?

The vast majority of repairs are cost effective. Some repairs might cost over 50% of the handset value and might be getting too dated to be of value. At Conway Comms we do not charge to estimate or evaluate and will be first to advise whether repair is cost effective. We understand the value of broken units to reuse, but are also aware when it is time to jump ship. Let us help you make the right decision.

Are the parts APPLE ORIGINAL or one of many copies?

We only use original parts and our Lcd screens are either original or original quality. There is a difference in price but your phone or iPad is an expensive item. Get it repaired once and properly by the experts.

Why should we use Conway Communications?

Because we want you to, and because of over 20 years experience in the phone management and repair business we feel we are best qualified to give you the very best all around service.

How do we know if Sim only or handset deal with the network is better for our company?

For many companies,it will save a huge amount if they get us to negotiate the lowest price Sim only deal, where they get no handset,but use the proportion of the moneys saved to refurbish their existing handsets. With good maintenance (screen and battery change) a handset can have a 5 year life. This way can more than halve the line rental of a single phone/ Imagine reducing your bill by 50-75%?

What areas do you cover?

We cover repairs nationwide in 3 ways. In house, callout and postal. We offer a free collect and return service within 10 miles of Stevenage. Within the rest of Hertfordshire, we charge a £15 fee on top of repair. Nationwide we charge the repair fee plus return special delivery postage of £10.

Is my repair WARRANTIED?

All items come with a six-month warranty. Buyer can return the item in its original condition within 14 days for a full product refund. For any reported faults please call us or email info@conwaycomms.com in the first instance. We are always happy to help and ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Let Us Find You the Deal You Deserve

We are ready to answer your questions with regards to any of the services we offer!

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