Water damaged iPhone 6s repair.

water damaged 6 pic
Customer dropped phone in bath. Dried it in radiator using rice in a bag. Powered on for about half an hour then died. Brought it to us. We opened unit and found traces of water still inside. As with all water damaged phones or iPads they might work for a while after immersion but will probably start to fail if not treated. The cameras, speaker, speakerphone, vibrator motor, lcd, touchscreen, battery, charge port, etc could all be at risk. In the event of total immersion in water we always adopt the same procedure….. Phone is stripped of most working parts and all are treated in an alcohol bath, especially the motherboard. This is then cleaned and assessed. If it powers up then the repair is on, if not then phone is useless. In this case the motherboard tested fine after treating and we rebuilt the phone. All was good but lcd had water marks on it that can not be reversed so we fitted a new Lcd and phone was as good as new. We fitted a new battery as a precaution and 24 hours later it was back in action after being presumed dead! Most phones are worth a try after water damage so give us a call and see if we can help!
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