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sim Only v phone contract iPhone 8
Apple has recently launched two new models of beautiful phones to its range in the form of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. All the talk has been about what they have brought to the table  with regards to features and functionality, but at Conway Communications we are more concerned with what they will bring to the letterbox! The technology is ground breaking, there is no doubt about that, and a must have for many, but at what cost? To get your hands on one of these new phones you can either shell out double what a phone cost a year ago or get it heavily subsidised by the network through an artificially large bill every month! Here at Conway Communications we have just replaced the screen on a nearly new iPhone 8 which our customer got for just £99, but they had to sign up to a 36-month contract at £58 per month! Yet this very same tariff can be obtained for as little as £23 per month but without a phone. This equates to an overspend of £35pm for 36 months totalling £1260 for a phone that can be purchased directly for £699. For Most people this cost is just too much, and they would be much better off taking another option. People need to be aware there are a few other choices available to them. Firstly, you can keep your existing iPhone, and have it repaired if needed and soon save yourself the money to purchase a new phone outright, which in the long term can reduce your bill by 45%! Be aware of all your options before making a decision. There is no need for an inflated bill in the post. Be mindful of all the choices available to you or your company before making a long-term decision, particularly if you are a business running multiple mobile phone contracts. The saving can be significant. We are always happy to help and by getting in touch with us to discuss your needs, Conway communications can help you make significant savings running your iPhone contracts. We will give independent advice on what’s currently available and not just what the network wants you to have. For all your mobile airtime and repair needs, come to us at Conway Communications
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