Mobile phone tariffs. Value for money?

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When it comes to choosing your next mobile phone deal for your company, there are now two main options. SIM only or with phones. What’s the difference? A SIM only deal is where you basically say to the network, we do not need any phones so please make our running costs as cheap as possible. The network will be happy as they do not have to give you free or very heavily reduced phones and will happily supply you a better deal. You obviously have to ensure that your current family of phones will last out the next contract. Many companies come to us for a refurbish plan which entails repairing existing phones, professionally cleaning them and in all cases, fitting a new battery. The cost of this is a fraction of the cost of a new phone and over the course of the current standard two year contract could save you £300-£450 per unit.  A phone should last a lot longer than a two year contract. Why not make huge savings and see what a SIM only deal can do for you.
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