Common Problems With iPhones

iPhone Problem
Common Problems With iPhones! Does your phone power off at 30% of power leaving you stranded? Have you lost faith in your battery to last the day. Well it may not be the culprit. We can test your battery for you and find out if the problem lies elsewhere. Get in touch and get it sorted! Does your phone or iPad type text or numbers by itself? Do you select a letter only for another to appear as if someone is ghost writing?  Is your touchscreen slow to respond This could be a problem with your touchscreen or touch IC chip. We can determine the cause and resolve the issue. Does your phone or iPad refuse to charge when plugged in. Does iTunes not recognise your device when plugged in? This can be due to a low grade/copy usb lead or your charge port needs changing or cleaning. Let us solve the problem for you. We do not charge to inspect a device. Once we have determined the problem, we will advise you and you can either proceed or decline, you decide!  If your company is based in Stevenage or within a five mile radius, we will even collect and return!  For all your company iPhone and iPad needs get in touch with the Apple experts.  Quality service, quality parts, quality repairs. You can also see us on facebook
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