The Conway difference and Apple Original Quality iPhone Screens

In the last three years,  Conway Communications has seen a 300% increase in mobile phone repairs. With this increase, we have noticed a huge increase in the volume of low quality repair parts on offer by third party manufacturers. In particular the LCD screens for AppliPhoneses. As Apple does not manufacture their own LCD and contract it out to large companies like Foxconn,  it leaves the door wide open for the copy market. We often do repairs on phones that have had a low quality copy LCD fitted and it has led to further problems such as poor display,  slow response,  dead spots,  and a cracked screen as the build quality is below par. The race to be the cheapest to repair has led many repairers reducing the quality along with the price. If it seems cheap then it probably is a poor quality repair. We only ever use original or OEM parts. They cost more but will preserve the value of your phone and ensure it works as well as it was designed to. With phones costing so much more than before,  isn’t the extra repair cost worth it?  Trust us with your repair so you can trust your phone! Tags: iPhone screen repairs, Apple original quality iPhone screens, mobile phone repair, iPhone repairs, iPad screen repair, smartphone screen repair.
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