Apple iPhone X vs SIM only

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Apple has recently launched a new range of beautiful iPhones in the models 8 and X. All the talk has been about what they have brought to the table but I am more concerned as to what they will bring to the letterbox! The technology is groundbreaking and a must have for many folk but at what price? To have one of these new iPhones we can either shell out double what a phone cost a year ago or get it heavily subsidised by the network through an artificially large bill every month! We have just replaced the screen on a nearly new iPhone 8 which customer got for £99 but signed up to a 36-month contract at £58 per month. This same phone tariff can be obtained for £23 per month without a phone. This equates to an overspend of £35pm for 36 months totalling £1260. Customers need to be aware there are a few other options available. You can keep your own phone and have it repaired if needed, we use Apple original quality parts for our phone repairs. Be aware of all your options before making a decision. There is no need for an inflated bill in the post. It makes sense to get the full picture and get in touch with us to discuss your mobile phone bill and where we can save you money. Image source:
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